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Our message

the message

Preparing specialized and distinguished scientific cadres in various fields such as administrative and information sciences, computer science, marketing and many other fields required by the labor market. And the development of the scientific and practical skills of individuals and students to make them capable of innovation, self-learning and teamwork. The Academy aims to improve the quality of training service in our Arab countries by focusing on:

-Accurate identification of the actual training needs of companies and individuals
-A training team possessing knowledge, ability and practical experience
-Training content that meets the cognitive and applied needs
-Appropriate training aids and equipment
-Innovating and adopting new ways to deliver the training service

Academy Objectives

-Contribute to raising performance in various fields of education, training, research, and all other fields with the aim of solving administrative problems inside and outside organizations and companies.
-Development and training of human resources to raise their productive capabilities.
-Community service and the surrounding environment.
-Holding conferences, research, seminars and workshops related to the nature of the center's objectives.
-Contribute to the implementation of small projects and help young people to become independent and move towards the labor market.
-Raising the level of youth and helping them direct their energy and define their goals to reach a distinguished society, a high standard of living.
-Organizing courses to raise the cultural, skill and scientific level for companies and individuals.
-Contribute to the upbringing of a distinguished generation capable of developing society and advancing the local and surrounding business environment.
-Providing technical and general consultations specialized in various fields.
-Contribute to opening investment markets for individuals by training them to manage small projects