نفخر بوجودكم معنا في منصة إيفاد العلمية x

Why ibtdi ?

In ibtdi Training Academy, we set the goals, vision and mission for which the Academy has always been in mind, so that the profit, gain and loss equation never dominates the achievement of our strategic vision, which crystallizes in the Academy’s management’s firm desire to assist each trainee who needs to rehabilitate himself and develop his capabilities to become an addition to the market Work so as not to be a burden to him.
We at ibtdi Training Academy always strive to provide the necessary community support, as the Academy performs its duty towards the community by providing free professional workshops without restrictions or conditions, with the aim of carrying out our societal duty towards the country in which we live, it is not possible to achieve the vision and mission of the Academy without doing support and assistance to the community in which the Academy operates.
The ambitions of the Academy’s administration do not stop at providing training services in various fields only, as we also seek here to provide a unique set of distinguished and exclusive training programs. In addition to providing professional diplomas and Mini MBA certificates, the methods and means of training at the Academy vary. While the Academy has the necessary equipment and equipped halls for holding courses inside the Academy’s headquarters, we also have the latest technical equipment to provide our training services remotely through the Internet, as ibtdi Academy is one of The most famous training centers in the Arab world, if not the most famous at all, distinguished in the field of providing online courses and distance training through the Internet. The Academy also provides its training services in factories, companies and major institutions according to cooperation protocols concluded between those institutions and the Academy.