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Tips for delivering professional courses
12th September 2021 By منصة

If you are one of the people who work in the field of training, and you are looking to create a source of passive income for you, that is, sources of income that need to make an effort at first, and then continue to collect money from them, then you can work on creating pre-registered educational courses, and sell them to The appropriate platforms.

So how do you design courses professionally? This is what we will talk about in the article.

The first step: Determine the topics of the educational courses


Of course it is important in the beginning to choose the topics of the courses that you want to offer, as you will not be able to work on random courses on topics that you do not have prior experience. You can select all the topics that you love to work on, and believe you have enough experience in them.

Then, you can trade off the decision to start with one of these topics, as it is not necessary to take many courses at the same time, so that you have the opportunity to actually test your ideas on the ground, and then decide what to do in the future.

Second Step: Ensure that the course topics are needed

You should not be satisfied only with your ability to work on the subjects of the courses of your choice, but you should think carefully about the need for them at the present time. The more you are sure that people will research these topics, the more you will eventually ensure that your courses can be sold to the public. You can confirm that there is a need by answering the following questions:

1- Does the audience constantly ask questions about this topic? You can find out the answer to this question by following the websites of the educational courses, as well as groups on social networking sites, to follow the views of the public closely.

2- Are there many jobs related to these topics? You can find out the answer to this question by following the job sites and advertisements that companies post about the different job opportunities they offer.

3- Is there a gap between the required level and the current level of individuals? You can find out the answer to this question by following people who specialize in the field, or relying on your expertise and experience.

By answering the three questions asked, you will be able to determine the level of need for these courses, and you can proceed with the design process.

Step Three: Determine Expected Results

One of the most important things that enhance the usefulness of educational courses is the presence of expected results upon completion of the study. So, the first thing you do after identifying the topics, is to start thinking about the expected outcomes from each course. You can determine these results based on an analysis of the current situation to see the extent of the needs that the audience has.

It is important to realize that these results will serve as a promise to your audience, by making it clear to them that their presence in your courses will lead them to a certain level of skill in the field. The more you can set goals in the right way, the more likely you will be to attract the audience to you.

Fourth Step: Choosing the general curriculum for the courses and designing the learning process

After setting the goals, you can begin to choose the appropriate curriculum for the courses. In this case, you will focus only on gathering the theoretical information that you will include in each course, identifying the sources used in defining the syllabus.

After you have collected the sources, you can outline the broad points of this approach, and be ready to start designing the learning process in the right way, by defining the activities used in the explanation, or even putting illustrations to help in the explanation process, until you finish preparing the content and the course is ready for registration.

It is important, before moving on to registering educational courses, that you make sure to try the content, whether by explaining it to some individuals and taking their opinions on the content, or by relying on communicating with other specialists and listening to their advice. The benefit of this step is that you have a clear evaluation from a variety of perspectives, so you can be sure of the quality of the content.

Fifth Step: Register the course content

When you feel that the content is ready, you can start recording the content. It is important in this case to take care of the quality of your work, by making sure that the videos are captured with the appropriate cameras, and the sound quality in the recording, so that it is easy for the recipient.

In recorded courses, the main challenge is often immobility, and therefore you need to pay attention to other body language factors that you can benefit from, such as relying on the tone of your voice or using your hands in explanation, in order to attract the attention of the viewers to you.

Step Six: Pricing the Courses


After you finish recording all the content, you can start setting the appropriate pricing for the course. Searching on course sites will help you know the prices at which this type of content is sold, so you will be able to determine the right price.

Of course, you have greater control over pricing if you intend to offer courses through your website, and here you need to pay attention to some factors such as the possibility of implementing offers, discounts, etc., take into account the pricing of the course according to these factors.

Step 7: Sell your courses to the right platforms

If you want to create courses with existing platforms, you can start reaching out to them in order to sell content to them. There are some sites that look for certain conditions in the registration, so it is important to know these conditions before registering the content, in order to ensure that you do not waste time and effort, and do not find yourself having to make many modifications.

Of course, it is not possible to sell educational courses to many platforms at the same time, but most likely, you will only be able to sell them for one platform. So, make sure to choose this platform correctly, by knowing the