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Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Course

Online training courses in a single training diploma aimed at qualifying participants to work in marketing, sales and customer service jobs. Learners in this training program acquire practical skills and experience, and provide the necessary information to succeed in marketing, sales and customer service jobs.

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Details and axes of the training diploma
There are some disciplines that are closely related and need the same skills and personal characteristics to do them successfully, and these disciplines are marketing, sales and customer service, these three jobs need almost similar personal characteristics, from presentation skills, persuasion, negotiation and understanding the nature of customers, and for this we have designed this training certificate Distinguished for integrating these disciplines into one training program, to help participants acquire the skills and experience required to work in any of those jobs, and holders of this certificate can also combine two or three jobs, because the experiences gained in this program will undoubtedly help the participants to work in any of them or all of them.

Training topics to be studied
Professional Marketing Course
Professional Marketing Concepts
Marketing development stages
Marketing myopia
Marketing Opportunities
Choosing the marketing mix
The marketing environment and its factors
What is the market
Marketing strategy
Market Segmentation and Conditions
consumer markets
Stages of a purchase decision
Factors affecting the consumer market
Marketing research
What are the new goods?
Causes and stages of development of a new commodity
Reasons for the success or failure of the new product
What is the service?
Classification of materials and their properties
Psychology of colors
The effect of numbers on buying
sales cycle
Selling concept
personal selling
How to find clients
phone call technique
Steps of the sales process
Types of sales jobs
Advantages of personal selling
personal selling department
Salesman Rewards
Selling man characteristics
How do we display the product?
Reasons why customers fear buying
Various means of sales promotion

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