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Diploma in preparing a personal trainer

This training program aims to qualify individuals wishing to work in the field of personal training and fitness. Participants in the program acquire the administrative and technical skills necessary to succeed in this field, such as the concepts of sports training, load planning and kinetic analysis in the sports field, as well as topics such as nutrition for athletes, psychological preparation for athletes, stadium injuries and how to deal with them.

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Target groups to study in this training diploma
Students and graduates of colleges of physical education
Those interested in working in the health club field Gym
Those interested in working in the field of sports training and fitness
Training topics to be studied
Descriptive anatomy in sports
Anatomy terms and definitions
The importance of studying anatomy
skeletal functions
bone components
Joints in the human body
The muscular system in the human body
sports coach
Athletic coach concept.
Characteristics of a sports coach.
Different coach roles
Various coach tasks.
Duties of a sports coach.
Forms and types of trainers.
Advice for coaches
The task of the coach in the psychological preparation of athletes.

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